We have always seen being a court liaison as involving day-to-day contact with court cases and view specialisation as the only way of offering a better service to our clients.

In deciding on our scope of action we have taken into account logistics and our capacity to react. We immediately handle any procedure and urgent matter that arises in any of the court districts in which we work.

We have worked for more than 100 years in most of the locations in which we offer our services. This experience is essential in producing the best results and knowing the peculiarities of each jurisdiction.

We currently work in the following court districts:  Barcelona, Madrid, Badalona, L’Hospitalet, Cornellá, Cerdanyola, El Prat, Esplugues, Gavá, Mataró, Rubí, Sabadell, Sant Boi, Santa Coloma, Sant Feliu, Terrasa, Vic, Granollers and Mollet.

We are also one of the few firms of court liaisons that has experts who specialise in specific jurisdictions. This internal organisation allows us to offer a better service to specialist lawyers and also lawyers who are handling a case in a particular jurisdiction for the first time.

We know the case law criteria, the procedural aspects of the various kinds of proceedings, and legislative reforms. We resolve doubts and correct any errors.

We have staff who are experts in criminal, civil and commercial law and administrative appeals.

At Anzizu, López & Castellanos we offer the best court proceedings management services, remaining true to a constantly-renewed century-old legal tradition.