At Anzizu, López & Castellanos we have a team of experts who are skilled in handling procedurally complex cases. We have four generations devoted to court liaison work behind us, long-standing experience and knowledge of procedural law.

Our files contain thousands of proceedings we have handled in the past. This wealth of knowledge and our continual commitment to training is the greatest ally for our clients and professionals when finding solutions and solving problems that can arise during a lawsuit.

Our internal organisation with court liaisons and clerks specialising in different jurisdictions also provides added value. Ours is one of the few court liaison firms with experts that deal exclusively with either criminal, civil, commercial or administrative appeal cases.

Moreover, as Court Liaisons, our daily court attendance and contact with judges, court service lawyers and other legal professionals means that we know better than anyone else how each jurisdiction works and how procedural rules are interpreted.


At Anzizu, López & Castellanos we offer the best court proceedings management services, remaining true to a constantly-renewed century-old legal tradition.